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If you wish to become an EVAH client, you’re aware that East Village Animal Hospital offers veterinary services to low-income individuals and families, and those on social assistance.  By requesting to become a client you are certifying that your total household income is below the appropriate figure shown in the list below.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Proof of government assistance, or a copy of CRA  Notice of Assessment or Re-Assessment for each adult household resident (except students under the age of 25)must be presented at your first appointment.

(If you do not have your Notice of Assessment, please contact Revenue Canada at 1-800-959-8281).


If your household income is above the figure shown below, however but you have other circumstances, such as recent loss of employment, that you wish EVAH to consider, please outline in a letter to


Please be aware that payment (credit or debit or cash) must be paid in full prior to entering the examination room at an appointment time, and prior to spay/neuter surgery.

I understand that a $20 deposit may be retained if an appointment is cancelled without 24 hours of the booked appointment time. Future prepayment for procedures or appointments may also be required. EVAH is an appointment-only clinic – animals requiring veterinary medical attention outside of EVAH’s business hours should be taken to your local after-hours Veterinary Clinic.


On your Notice Of Assessment, your total household income must be below the following amounts:


1 income earner household: $40,131


2 income earner household: $49,956


3 income earner household: $61,413




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Please note that we only service cats and dogs.

A medical examination fee of $53+HST per animal will be charged for any animal seen in the Medical Clinic, prior to seeing the veterinarian, administration of vaccines, pursuing any diagnostic tests, or dispensing any medications.


A follow-up medical examination fee of $30+HST will be charged for repeat visits for the same condition, if seen within 30 days.


A medical examination fee will not be charged for spay/neuter appointments. The spay/neuter charge includes a physical examination and 2 days of pain medication.  An e-collar is HIGHLY recommended.  Cat e-collars are $6, and $12 for dogs.  Owners will be responsible for incision complications if a cone is not purchased.


Due to the high need for EVAH’s surgical and medical services, rescheduling/cancelling an appointment for surgery/medical must be done BY PHONE at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Failure to provide our EVAH team with adequate notice, in order to provide that time/service to another client in need, will result in the need for you to PRE-PAY in order to re-book.


Payment for medical services is due at the time of the service. We do not offer payment plans. Clients may wish to consider applying for pet insurance or other payment options, such as Medicard, prior to their appointment.



Call 519-894-2323 for more information.



EVAH will be following the AAHA & AAFP recommendations for Canine & Feline Vaccination.  Core vaccines for dogs include rabies, DA2PP and leptospirosis, and for cats include rabies and FVRCP.  In brief, if your pet has received their first set of DAPPV or FVRCP at the time of surgery, and they are under 4 months of age, they will require a booster every 4 weeks until over 4 months (16 weeks) of age.  Dogs over 4 months of age should be boosted with DAPPV again the following year and then every 3 years. Leptospira vaccines need an initial boost 3 - 4 weeks following the initial immunization at over 3 months of age and then are boosted annually.  Cats given FVRCP should receive 2 doses, 3-4 weeks apart, for the initial vaccination, again 1 year later and then every 3 years. Both dogs and cats require a rabies vaccine once they reach 3 months (12 weeks) of age, which requires boosting in 1 year and then every 3 years.


Animal Rescue Organizations: please call EVAH for prices 519-894-2323


Qualified low income Public Clients Pricing:


Cat Spay: $125.00

Cat Neuter: $100.00

Canine Spay: $275.00

Canine Neuter: $200.00

Revolution/Parasite prevention: $15.00- $25.00 Cost varies with product/weight

Microchip: $25.00

Rabies Vaccine: $12.00

Canine DA2PP: $12.00

Canine DA2PP/Lepto: $24.00

Feline FVRCP: $12.00

Feline Leukemia: $18.00

Prices are subject to HST and may change without notice.


EVAH is an appointment only High Volume /Neuter & Medical Clinic.


Please call between 10 am and 4 pm to book an appointment. 519-894-2323

Our Kitchener office is located at 1500 Weber St E,  Kitchener, ON N2A 2Y5


Visit the Contact Us page for the map


In the event of an emergency:

1.  If your animal companion requires emergency attention during our regular hours, call the clinic to be triaged by our reception team to see if we have available appointments or alternatively will direct you to other options as best we are able.